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Profiles with Identity

in High Precision Mechanical Machining
Operations started in 1946 in the charming town on the shores of Lake Maggiore, Arona, in the north of Italy, under the name of O.M.P. (Officina Meccanica di precisione - Precision Machine Shop), specialized in the production of mechanical precision parts.

For the Civil Aviation and Air Force segments the main customers were: Aeritalia, Agusta, Caproni Vizzola and SIAI Marchetti.
In the naval and military segments, DOM served in parallel: Cantieri Ansaldo, Marconi and Otomelara.
DOM was one of the first companies to be Certified in Italy for Aviation component.

DOM was a private company owned and operated by the De Ferrari family for three generations. It has been recently acquired by the italian industrial holding Ethica.
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